Fender Acoustic

Acoustic Guitar on deckMid sixties Fender Telecaster. Bought used in 1973 from Sam Ash. Completely stock.

Gibson RD ArtistGibson RD Artist, 1978. The RD stands for research and developement. This one features active electronics, an on-board compressor, and a treble boost. Nice ebony neck. Requires a nine volt battery for the active electronics. Completely stock.

1982 Fender Stratocaster1982 Fender Stratocaster bought new from Sam Ash. Completely stock.

My first My first "real" guitar. Bought with money from my paper route in the early 70's from Sam Ash.

Epiphone Junior Acoustic Guitar on deckEpiphone Junior model with a LP Special neck. New tuners, nut, pickup, bridge, and pots. Plays and sounds real nice.

Yamaha acousticYamaha acoustic. Cannot find a model number. Bought new in 1980.

Squier 51Squier 51. Most of these are heavily modded and this is no exception. Warmoth neck, Lace Alumitone pickups, GFS custom pickguard, and Gotoh tuners so far. Would like to get an original 51 neck for it.

mid 80's Hondo Tele style electricThis is a mid 80's Hondo Tele style electric with a natural wood finish. Has been repeatedly modded over the years, refinished three times and had several pickup configurations.

Fender DG-16 acousticNice inexpensive Fender DG-16 acoustic. Fast neck and nice looking burst finish.

Jay Jr. acousticJay Jr. acoustic. Nice sounding and playing small scale guitar.

Johnson 910 SolaraJohnson 910 Solara. Got this one cheap from Daddy's Junky Music eBay store. It does have a crack at the headstock which will have to ba addressed at some time, but for now it plays nice. GFS vintage 59 pickups, new switch, and new pots.

Lotus LP styleLotus LP style. Gift from my daughter's boyfriend, nice kid. New GFS Crunchy Pat pickups and new pots. I'm going to replace the nut and maybe the tuners. Had to file the fret ends down to avoid injury, and they could use a good leveling, but it really has great sustain and tone now. Really heavy guitar.

No name bassNo name bass. Not sure who made this. Just a cheap bass for occasional use. Might use it more if I had a bass amp.

Squier Affinity series 20th anniversary StratSquier Affinity series 20th anniversary Strat. Completely stock.

Jay Turser SG style guitarJay Turser SG style guitar. This was a real mess when I found it. Some rocket scientist had tried to pry the fake mother of pearl markers out of the neck and left gouges and pieces missing from the fretboard. Once I replaced the fretboard I was surprised at how good the stock pickups sounded. Really nice P-90 growl.

Jay JR. small scale electric travel guitarJay JR. small scale electric travel guitar. With a 9-volt battery and a pair of headphones you can pratice very quietly. But I don't care for the sound through the headphones too much. Still for the price its a great traveling companion.

Ibanez RG seriesIbanez RG series. Fast little guitar, sounds good for the price. Currently in the care of Tony.

Family PortraitI think I may need professional help.